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Terms & Conditions

The following conditions state the obligations, rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in this Agreement to start and complete a Project. Please note that once work commences, the customer must allow work to be carried out without causing interruptions in any form, whether it be verbal or physical. Due to Health & Safety guidelines and Insurance purposes the Customer, members of the household and public (including children and pets) must not enter or be present in the work area unless required. We would also like to emphasise that in the event of injury, Friendship Gardening Ltd will not be held liable.

Friendship Gardening Ltd recommends you print out a copy of these Terms & Conditions for your reference. If you have any questions please see the Contact section for more information. Upon request we can also send you a copy of our Terms & Conditions via email.

1. Introduction

1.1 Customers must provide up to date and accurate contact information which can be used for correspondence. The customer must ensure that the details provided are complete and accurate before committing to the contract of Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Failure to reply to any correspondence- letters, emails, texts or calls, will automatically result in project being terminated.  Any outstanding balance or additional charges must be paid in full.

2. Updates and Changes

2.1 The Website ( is being updated and improved on an ongoing basis. We reserve the right to change or remove (temporarily or permanently) the Website or any part of it without notice. You, the customer, confirm that we shall not be liable to you for any such change or removal.

2.2 The customer has the right to make changes and adjustments to the original idea. However these must be communicated clearly and sufficient time must be allowed for them to be carried out. Additional charges will be incurred for any such changes to be completed.

2.3 Friendship Gardening Ltd reserves the right to make changes or suggest ways in which to upgrade the original idea. These will only be carried out once confirmed by you the customer- additional charges may apply.

2.4 In the event of severe weather such as, heavy rain, strong winds, freezing/hot temperatures and snow downfall will delay and even halt project, work will not continue until suitable weather resumes.

3. Bookings and Confirmation

3.1 A detailed description of the project, including size, and a list/description of the work that needs to be completed is required. Friendship Gardening Ltd reserves the right to amend any given quotes and charge for extra work if inaccurate information is given.

3.2 The customer will be presented with a range of choices during the ordering process. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure these choices have been understood before proceeding with any purchase. It is the responsibility of the customer to seek advice about the product before the order is placed.

3.3 Customers must confirm their choice whether they wish to proceed with the project on the recommended date within 7 days of receiving the quote. Failure to do this will result in automatic cancellation and a further charge may be administered if they wish to revisit at any point in the future. (This charge will be 11% of the original quote and will be required to be payable upfront)

3.4 A fee will be required in order to reserve your project time slot. A Reservation Booking Deposit of £79 must be paid before the 7th day of receiving the quote and is Non-Refundable under any circumstances. This figure will be subtracted from your total balance once the project has been completed.

3.5 Any incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the customer can result in a cancellation of the project. In the event of making amendments or needing to have more work carried out, extra charges will be added to cover additional costs incurred.

  1. In the event where a change needs to be implemented, this will be discussed and agreed upon with you – the customer and Friendship Gardening Ltd.

  2. Any changes made by you – the customer after the agreement has been confirmed, will be void and a new agreement will be made.

3.6 On the day of service safe and clear access to the work area will be required. This can be done by ensuring someone is at the property or making suitable arrangements i.e. leaving keys, leaving gate entrances open, making entrance/pathways are clear.

3.7 Once the project has been booked in, the customer will be provided with a date and time for work to commence. Friendship Gardening Ltd will not be held accountable for lateness or changing start date due to unforeseen circumstances.

3.8 It is the responsibility of the customer to make adequate parking arrangements. This includes the needs for parking permits. Any parking fees or fines incurred during the performance of the service are the responsibility of the customer, and must be paid in full by them.

3.9 All allocated work areas/spaces must be kept cleared at all times. This includes cars, bikes and any other objects that could cause obstruction and hinder project progress. Friendship Gardening Ltd reserves the right halt or even terminate the project until the issue has been rectified. Daily charges may apply.

4. Pricing and Payment

4.1 We base our prices and quotes on information provided by the customer and registered retailers (when purchasing materials). Friendship Gardening Ltd reserves the right to amend price estimations and order confirmations where necessary.

4.2 Pricing is based on the nature of the project and the length of time that is required for it to be completed. Friendship Gardening Ltd will not incur any extra charges for any additional time spent due to unforeseen circumstances caused on behalf of the company.

4.3 Friendship Gardening Ltd will take full responsibility for ordering, delivery and return of all materials, which will be included in the quote provided. However, if the customer chooses to purchase and provide their own materials then it is the customer’s responsibility for undertaking all measurements, ordering the correct quantity of materials, making the payment and arranging delivery. The customer will be responsible for ensuring that all materials are present at the agreed start date and time.

4.4 All materials and equipment required will be ordered at the earliest time possible in order to ensure guaranteed delivery before the project commences. In the rare even of items not being delivered on time due to availability issues from the supplier, Friendship Gardening Ltd will not be held responsible for any delay caused as a result.

4.5 In the event that more time is needed due to a miscalculation or any other change on behalf of the customer, or if there are any materials missing/incorrectly ordered then Friendship Gardening Ltd will rectify this at an additional cost which will be agreed on accordingly.

4.6 For any project to commence Friendship Gardening Ltd requires full payment for materials and 50% deposit of the overall labour quote. The remainder of the payment will be made upon completion of the project. You will be notified of this date in advance so that necessary arrangements can be made.

4.7 Emergency Project. For any work that needs to be booked in to be completed as a matter of urgency, 75% of the overall quote will be required in advance. This covers payment for materials needed and part labour, it is non-refundable under any circumstances.

4.8 Full payment must be made upon completion of the project. You, the customer are responsible for completing the payment by the end of the day. If the project has been completed earlier than agreed then payment will be required on the day of completion. In the event that payment has not been received, a charge of 21% (labour cost) will be incurred for each additional day.

5. Rescheduling and Cancellation of Appointments

5.1 If you, the customer, chose to reschedule your appointment less than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the agreed starting time, you will be liable to pay an additional rescheduling fee which will be 10% of the overall quote. (subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)

5.2 In the event of cancelling a project, Friendship Gardening Ltd reserves the right to retain a percentage of the deposit already paid. (subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)

5.3 Any notice of rescheduling or cancellation must be confirmed and provided via text (07954 736 050) or email directly (

5.4 Friendship Gardening Ltd reserves the right to cancel or move a project due to unforeseen circumstances and will notify the customer within 24 hours.

6. Services

6.1 Access to water and electricity (where applicable) in/near the work area must be available in order to provide adequate services.

6.2 Friendship Gardening Ltd reserves the right to cancel projects and appointments where the wellbeing or health and safety of our staff and customers are at risk.

6.3 Upon completion the customer or a representative of the customer must be present in order for the project to be signed off. If you are not present, the service will be deemed as being accepted and Friendship Gardening Ltd will not be held responsible for any further issues or amendments.

6.4 Upon completion the customer has seven days to report any issues. Friendship Gardening Ltd will not be liable for any issues that are not reported or may occur outside this timeframe.

6.5 Friendship Gardening Ltd reserves the right to sub-contract any/all of our services following all health and safety regulation guidelines checks.

In the rare event of a disagreement/dispute with Friendship Gardening Ltd, you, the customer agree that you will contact us in order to settle through negotiations and mutual understanding first. If the solution can not be reached in negotiations then further guidance can be taken.

Friendship Gardening Ltd operates a zero tolerance policy with regards to aggressive behaviour or abusive language. In such instances where the customer shows any of these examples, the project will be terminated instantly and any payments made will be retained.

Friendship Gardening Ltd will be taking videos/photographs of work carried out for our portfolio and website. We respectfully ask that this can be carried out without any interruptions. As a customer you have the right to withhold your project being shared on any social media platform.

Friendship Gardening Ltd and the Customer agree to the Terms and Conditions listed above and understand that these can be changed, altered or amended subject to prior written notice.

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